Miguel Tierz

Research in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Research lines: Random matrix theory and its applications, Quantum field theory (with an emphasis on topological or supersymmetric gauge theories), Exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics and strongly-correlated systems.

See my publications at ArXiv or at my Google scholar page. Below are some sample recent publications and a few talks available on-line (by me or by Leonardo Santilli, who has just finished his PhD thesis, on our joint work).



Landau-Zener transition rates of superconducting qubits and absorption spectrum in quantum dots

Jorge Russo and Miguel Tierz



Dynamical Quantum phase transitions from random MATRIX theory

David Pérez-García, Leonardo Santilli and Miguel Tierz



Crystal bases and three-dimensional 

N=4 Coulomb branches 

Leonardo Santilli and Miguel Tierz

J. High Energ. Phys. 2022, 73 (2022) 

Some Talks

Video of talk (given by Leonardo Santilli) 

New deformations of 2d Yang-Mills theories

Integrability in gauge and string theory 2021- Torino.
Talk by L. Santilli

 Phase transitions, random matrices, and TT-deformation,
talk at the Workshop on Black Holes: BPS, BMS and Integrability
Instituto Superior Técnico (LIsboa), 7-11 September 2020. 


Talk_M_L (5) (1).pdf

Slides of talk given at the Random matrix BRUNEl-bieLefeld workshop, 2020. "random matrix solution to some physics and statistics problems".